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Uni levels


Table 36 up. Kiiwi sent 2 new wrs. This will also be the final table. I will stop updating now because the saveload patch is out there and it's undetectable. You can continue playing in EOL. See stats here.

Table 35 up. One new wr by Madness [SPEED]. Seems that there were no updates in 2010. Maybe the times are already too good to be beaten :)

Table 34 up. nioreh took 2 new wrs and Pab one.

Table 33 up. NaDiRu [IQ] took 7 wrs in the last 7 levels. With this kind of tactic (and skills), he will eventually have all the wrs :)

Table 32 up. adi [MiE] did the thing which I thought was impossible: he beat Tisk's total time by over a minute! This means he broke the 2:06 minute limit also. In the course of action, he took the incredible 178 new wrs, all of which seemed quite perfect to me. Amazing, really.

Table 31 up. Mawane [TR] sent some new times but no new wrs.

Table 30 up. Alma [Fusion] took one new wr.

Table 29 up. Kazan took 13 new wrs with impressive times! Keep going :)

Table 28 up. Seko took one new wr.

Table 27 up. Dime [AMD] got 37 new wrs!

Table 26 up. Seko improved his wr in level 58.

Table 25 up. Adebis sent his times, but no new wrs.

Table 24 up. Dime [AMD] got 19 new wrs and goofu got 1. Combined total time still very far from 2 hours... come on guys :)

Table 23 up. adi [EF] sent 12 new wrs this time. Nice work!

Table 22 up. adi [EF] sent 3 new wrs.

Mawane [TR] improved his wr in level 189.

Table 20 up. ANpDaD [id] took 139 new wrs! He didn't send whole stats file so we don't know his total time but i think it's amazing too. Combined total time is down to 2:03:48,36, so we are closer to 2 hours than never before. I also noticed that the url in lev Uni366 is wrong (should be http://koti.mbnet.fi/zebra/uni.html). Dunno why i haven't noticed it before and now it's impossible to change it anymore. Anyway, nice recs, ANpDaD. I also added combined total time and leader to the table below.

Table 19 up. Tisk [FM] sent all of his recs and took amazing 133 new wrs (2 of which were tied first place). Moreover, he took the lead and beat Markku with amazing 0.07 seconds! Will Markku strike back? We'll see. But what a great job has Tisk done. This was totally a surprise. Uni level pack is again up and living (or at least I hope).

One new wr by Mawane [TR].

antz [Quack] sent his records and went right to 4th place. 13 new wrs.

psy sent records. He's soon under 2.10, and then in no time catching axxu and Markku.

Catzpeer and alien111 sent times. Funny that both of them had exatly one new wr and that was in level 96. Catzpeer had time 10.24 and alien111 time 10.25, and Catzpeer took the wr of course. But max tight, and also max weird, I must admit.

Only Jallax sent new times, but no new records.

Only one new record by Seko. Next update at the beginning of November. Hopefully more to update then.

Table 12 up. Only psy sent new records. He's maybe catching Markku and axxu soon. Because there were so few who sent in (and will be only fewer and fewer), i'm going to update this monthly from this on. First update will be somewhere around the beginning of October (i try to update these and make #battle logs in the beginning of each month).

Table 11 up. New records by psy, kinghias, Myrdhel and Monzterman. psy under 2.12.

Table 10 up. psy and kinghias sent recs, also their missing wr recs. Currently I'm missing wr recs from levs 135, 167, 190, 228 and 306. From now on I'm going to update once every 2 weeks. That means that the next update will be on 30.8.2006.

Table 9 up. Whoa, Markku under 2:07 and axxu under 2:08! Great job, both of you. aavv, kinghias and Kopaka sent their times too. I searched through all my recs and found out which WR recs were missing. So if you have some of the missing recs, please send them to me. Or if they are not saved, just play better :) I would strongly like you to play those levels so that I could get all the WR recs together. See the file below.

Missing WR recs

I also checked which levels had better times in battles than in current table (table 9). I think they should be relatively easy to break. Let's see how many of them is broken next week. See the file below.

Levels where battle winning time is better

Table 8 up. axxu [AC] took the lead! Will Markku strike back? We'll see. Next update in 2 weeks.

Table 7 up. Some new times from psy and axxu.

Table 6 up. New players: skint0r [IV], jallax [TAP], kinghias [kt] and John [WNO].

Table 5 up. Some new times from me, Markku, axxu, psy and squip. Markku under 2.10. Next update next wednesday or when I have something to update.

Markku, axxu, Kopaka, psy and Honza send me some times. Markku is now leading in total time by over 10 minutes! Next update will be in two weeks (no update in next week).

Some ppl sent me recs without levstats.txt. I won't accept recs without levstats.txt, no exceptions, sorry. I also found out that you can't use elma 1.2 for making stats, because it includes only 256 first levs to stats. Elma 1.2 is allowed for playing of course. axxu and Kopaka sent recs (and levstats).

Added some minor things including unibattles_stats2.txt and minute limit breakers. Updated best times -table, Markku and Juski [MK] sent some times. From now on, I'll update once a week on wednesdays.

Uni levels finally published!

Best times

HtmlTxtCombined total timeLeaderDate
Table 1Table 12:26:04,08zebra [TAP]7.6.2006
Table 2Table 22:23:56,00zebra [TAP]8.6.2006
Table 3Table 32:16:08,34axxu [AC]14.6.2006
Table 4Table 42:09:39,58Markku21.6.2006
Table 5Table 52:08:03,81Markku7.7.2006
Table 6Table 62:07:34,59Markku12.7.2006
Table 7Table 72:07:02,33Markku19.7.2006
Table 8Table 82:06:40,95axxu [AC]27.7.2006
Table 9Table 92:05:27,21Markku9.8.2006
Table 10Table 102:05:24,20Markku16.8.2006
Table 11Table 112:05:19,91Markku30.8.2006
Table 12Table 122:05:10,93Markku13.9.2006
Table 13Table 132:05:09,83Markku1.10.2006
Table 14Table 142:05:09,83Markku1.11.2006
Table 15Table 152:05:09,66Markku2.12.2006
Table 16Table 162:05:03,54Markku8.1.2007
Table 17Table 172:04:59,47Markku1.3.2007
Table 18Table 182:04:59,08Markku28.6.2007
Table 19Table 192:04:19,71Tisk [FM]9.7.2007
Table 20Table 202:03:48,36Tisk [FM]11.8.2007
Table 21Table 212:03:48,31Tisk [FM]4.10.2007
Table 22Table 222:03:47,65Tisk [FM]18.10.2007
Table 23Table 232:03:46,47Tisk [FM]7.1.2008
Table 24Table 242:03:42,87Tisk [FM]31.1.2008
Table 25Table 252:03:42,87Tisk [FM]4.3.2008
Table 26Table 262:03:42,74Tisk [FM]14.7.2008
Table 27Table 272:03:36,89Tisk [FM]31.7.2008
Table 28Table 282:03:36,53Tisk [FM]18.12.2008
Table 29Table 292:03:33,22Tisk [FM]18.2.2009
Table 30Table 302:03:33,06Tisk [FM]22.4.2009
Table 31Table 312:03:33,06Tisk [FM]23.6.2009
Table 32Table 322:02:33,32adi [MiE]21.7.2009
Table 33Table 332:02:29,53adi [MiE]29.10.2009
Table 34Table 342:02:28,87adi [MiE]2.12.2009
Table 35Table 352:02:28,41adi [MiE]2.1.2011
Table 36Table 362:02:28,02adi [MiE]16.8.2011

Minute limit breakers

Time limitBreakerTable no.Date
2:27:00,00zebra [TAP]Table 17.6.2006
2:23:00,00axxu [AC]Table 314.6.2006
2:11:00,00MarkkuTable 421.6.2006
2:10:00,00MarkkuTable 57.7.2006
2:07:00,00MarkkuTable 99.8.2006
2:06:00,00adi [MiE]Table 3221.7.2009


Uni level pack is the biggest level pack I have ever made. It consists of 366 unique levels. There are no pipes, and they should be also easy for beginners, even if there exist hard shortcuts for professional players. The original idea was to make level for every day of a year. And now, after 3 years of designing, I have finally fulfilled my dream and got all the levs ready and together :)

Don't ask me what Uni is supposed to mean. Uni means 'sleep' in finnish. So these levels can be like 'good night levels' for every night. On the other hand, Uni is sometimes short for 'university', and I'm studying at Tampere University of Technology, so maybe it could have something to do with that. Or maybe it's just acronym for eg. Unbelieveable Nice Internal-like-levels.

The first 300 levels have been played at #battle, and you can see logs from those (see below). Though there are good times and they could have been added to official table, I didn't do that because it would have been messy with all the 300 nicks and there would have been false times as well (ppl telling fake times or mergestats reading the log file in a wrong way). Instead, I added my own times to the official table. That's how you would have at least some challenge in getting best times. Knowing my skills that won't be too hard though :).

The levels 301-364 are old battle levels (even older than levels 001-300) which I have changed and renamed to uni levels. Levels 365 and 366 aren't played anywhere. All the levels have sky as background and ground as foreground, so they should be playable. All levels have grass. There are also some pictures, which you can of course turn off if you don't like them. The levels's length varies from under 10 secs to over minute. However, biggest part of the levels has length of 20-30 seconds.

Although nearly all of the levels have been played at battle, I don't consider this as a battle level pack, because I have made all the levels mainly for this level pack, just having fun at #battle by pasting these levels there. Also it will be easier to start playing such a massive pack as this when they already know some of the levels.

When downloading these levels from here, you don't have to overwrite your old records from old levels in case you have played some of the levs at #battle!. I haven't edited the levels since they have been played at #battle, so your best times from battles are still valid. So if you still have those times in the levs (and the recs too), just send them to me (see below how).

Please don't say 'this is too big levelpack'. If you think so, you can just pick a level or two, play them and send them to me. On the other hand, everybody's total times can be seen in statistics, which means that you can also try to achieve lower TT's. Also team statistics are kept up, so teamwork is recommended (for example, team member 1 plays levels 001-100, member 2 levels 101-200 and member 3 the rest). Any kind of nationality statistics won't be available.

Name your recs as Unixxxyy.rec, where xxx is the number of the level and yy is two first letters from your nick. For example Uni005ze.rec or Uni234ze.rec. Please don't name your recs like Uni5ze.rec, or Uni05ze.rec, because this causes inconsistency and it's hard to see which levels the recs are from if there exist both 'Uni005ze' and 'Uni5jo.rec'. I'm sure you are familiar with this problem.

You will find below the recs from battles too. Don't watch them if you want to figure out the best styles yourself :) Though all the recs are not driven with best style. The rec pack won't be updated, so you can send your recs to me without worrying that your secret style will be public. Replays 001-300 have been played at #battle, and the rest are my quickly driven example replays.

I also made my mergestats -program to be able to make statistics about the best times. You can use mergestats by downloading the latests .txt file from this page (see above), pressing "1" in mergestats and then typing the table name to the program, eg. uni_table_001.txt. After that you just press "1" again and add your own levstats.txt to it. After adding your times, the program shows which levs you have best times in.

You can see the best times -tables above. They will be updated weekly or monthly or as often as some times are sent to me. Please send in your times even if you have finished only few levels. Especially if you are in a team it can improve your team total time. My current total time seems to be 2:26:04,08. The big questions are, who will be the first one under 2:20:00,00? And what about 2:10:00,00? And is under 2 hours possible? We'll see. You can also see minute limit breakers above.

Sending e-mail

Unfortunately we don't have here so fancy system as skintatious, but I think we will manage with oldschool e-mail system if we use levstats and mergestats -programs. When sending your times, you have to send a levstats -file containing your times! Don't send .lev files, only the levstats file and .rec files are enough. Send your recs to zebra@mbnet.fi. If you don't want to send all your rec files (they can be big files) check (manually or with mergestats) in which levels you have best times. In other words, you don't have to send your recs in levels where you don't have best times (world records). Though if some time seems suspicious (like 0.01 from current WR), I might ask you for a replay. You can do the required levstats file with with levstats -program (see below). Note that you can't use elma 1.2 for making stats because it includes only 256 first levels to stats. Elma 1.2 is allowed for playing, though. Any kind of bugs or playing with nitro patch isn't allowed. It would be easier for me if you renamed your stat file to levstats_xxx where xxx is your nick. And you can zip all or any of the files you send. Also tell in your mail your nick, team and nick in stats file.

An example mail:

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: Uni levels
Nick: jonsta
Team: TAP
Nick in stat file: jonsterion
Attachments: levstats_jonsta.txt, jonstas_uni001-366_recs.zip

If something is still unclear, ask me (zebra@mbnet.fi) or zebraTAP in IRCnet. And if you find something wrong in this page, please give feedback. Also you are welcome to join the channel #unilevels in IRCnet if you want to discuss something about these levels or just have fun :) You can also upload the levstats and recs to me in irc or mopolauta if you find that easier.

I hope you like the levels :)


Unilevs.zipUni levels 001-366
Unirecs.zipReplays for uni levels.
mergestats16.zipI make the stats with this program
Levstats.zipMake your levstats.txt -file with this
unibattles_log.txtLog file from battles played at #battle
unibattles_stats.txtStatistics made from above file.
unibattles_stats2.txtAnother kind of statistics made from above file.

Harri Luoma v.2006. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi