Monday, 6 February 2012    EOL mopobattles    at 22:40 EET by zebra

I'm starting to organize mopobattles again. The old system won't be used anymore. Instead, the mopobattles will be arranged in EOL. Read more here:

Thursday, 4 March 2007    No more mopobattles    at 23:23 EEST by zebra

Mopobattles are now over. This is mainly due to lack of players. There were only 5 players in the last mopobattle (number 163). Another reason is #ballelma, which has taken all the players, and no-one is anymore interested in mopobattles.

I packed all levels, replays and other stuff into one pack, download it from statistics page or directly from here.

Here are the final results. Congratulations to dz who took the victory.
PLAYER stats, sorted by total points (to)
Pos Nat Nick [team]        ba   bw   kb   av       to
 1. FIN dz [FM]            74   10 1294  19.16   1418
 2. FIN axxu [AC]          78   35  968  15.65   1221
 3. FIN Abula [FM]         90    4  975  12.06   1085
 4. FIN MP [CF]            46   10  972  23.22   1068
 5. FIN mr [FM]           112    3  815   8.41    942
 6. FIN Ismo [Arcao]       88    1  837  10.57    930
 7. FIN zebra [TAP]        83    0  701   9.45    784
 8. NOR Jalli [EMA]        36    4  721  21.58    777
 9. FIN Orcc               51    2  683  14.59    744
10. FIN cyre               61    1  673  12.11    739
Thanks to all who played. They are now over, forever (unless something very special happens).

Thursday, 16 March 2006    Ban    at 23:23 EET by zebra

KozzuS (his levels) was banned from mopobattle until june 2006. This is because he sent me levels which he had battled on #battle, and we had to abort mopobattle and stuff. Mobot has now a new feature. I can ban ppl and it unbans them automatically after next mopobattle. This has nothing to do with KozzuS's ban.

Monday, 22 August 2005    Thursdays    at 22:22 EET by zebra

To make the mopobattle arranging little easier, I decided to arrange a mopobattle once a week, and it will be on thursday at 21.00 EET (or 21.00 EEST). I hope that it's easier to remember if it's always on the same weekday. This doesn't mean that there won't be mopobattles on different days, but it's very unlikely. I might sometime arrange a mopobattle or too at weekend and so on. But if everyone remembered the time 21.00 EET on thursday, I would be grateful and we could get more participants in mopobattles. And if I have enough levels, I will keep another mopobattle after the first one, which means at 22.00 EET on thurdays.

Thanks for your levs, I have received them quite much already. But more is needed, so feel free to send your levs to Read rules from rules -page before sending.

Next mopobattle will be on thursday 25.8.2005 at 21.00 EEST.

Sunday, 24 July 2005    Site up    at 17:00 EET by zebra

So, I decided to start arrange mopobattles. We had 2 mopobattles today, battles 74 and 75. There were only 12 players in each of them, but let's hope we'll have more players in the future. Now I would need your levels, because I won't make all the levels myself, and it's nice to have some variety in the levels. See details from rules -page.

See the coming battles in events-page, and when it's mopobattle time, remember to be there!