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Elasto Mania


I added table for IFLP.

Check the new Banana Cup 4 which was started last week.

I updated my levels-page. You can find a lot of levels there :)

I made a riddle concerning elma, called Elma Riddle. You are welcome to try to solve it.

Pipo levels published!

Mergestats v.1.7 released. Some new features: nationality stats, rec reading and some bug fixes. Enjoy!

Mastercup 2 is going to start soon!

Mergestats v.1.6 released. Some new features, bug fixes and alternative nick system. Enjoy!

Uni levels published!

TAP Challenge published.

A.K.B. beat MopoGirl in Paradox.

New links to the left list: Battles, Mastercup and Mopobattles. And, in the near future TAP is going to arrange another cup, called 'The TAP Challenge'. It will take place in january or february. Stay tuned.

It's A.K.B. making record again.

Another new record by A.K.B. [KIRBY].

One new record by A.K.B. [KIRBY].

Some new records by krychek and jds.

New version of mergestats again: Mergestats v.1.5. New features: mopobattles, players/designers best rows. Check the battle statistics which I have made with the new program.

New version of mergestats: Mergestats v.1.4 It now reads irc battle logs too, so combobattle -program is no longer needed. I also won kuski of month in January, and KOM interview will be up here some day.

Check battle statistics, monthly statistics added there.

New version of mergestats: Mergestats v.1.3

New version of mergestats: Mergestats v.1.2

Combobattle -program updated. Current version 1.9.

New version of mergestats: Mergestats v.1.1. Check also our TT battle which we battled today: http://www.moposite.com/mopolauta/viewtopic.php?t=2628

I have made new program, Mergestats v.1.0 which merges stats -files. It's useful to everyone who has to keep statistics up and have some level pack which times he updates. Try, it's free.

All battle statistics updated ( allbattles.txt, daily battles). Also new version (1.8) available of my combobattle program.

I have made battle statistics, check them out.

New version (1.72) out from my combo-battle program. It now makes .html files. Download the version 1.72. Also here are all the battles which are played in #battle at 1.1.2003 - 20.4.2004: All battles. I have joined a team, TAP (The Apple Placers). Check the team site.

We have battled a few combo-battles in #battle. The results and levs are here.

Hi again, I made lately a combo-battle program which reads battles from irc log files and counts points. I added it to the bottom of this site so you can download and use it if you want. It's freeware :)

I have been very lazy this summer and haven't done so much new levels. But I have made a lot of battle levels and they are worth playing I think so come to irc and #battle and play my levels there. Our team (polygon producers) is now dying so I have to keep this site on time again. I have also planned to keep combo-battle -events in #battle at 22:00 EET in some days.

Our new homepage is now up and the Elma Tournament has been moved there. Our new e-mail address is polygon_producers@hotmail.com. Don't send Elma Tournament recs to me anymore, instead use that e-mail address. Our new homepage is also up: www.geocities.com/polygon_producers/index.html. It's worth seeing.

Krychek won the second tournament level, congratulations to him. The new level is also up. I put the deadline to 20.5, but the event can be shorter, we well see. The reason is that I have joined a new team, Polygon Producers [PP], and we are making homepages to the team. And I think this Elma Tournament will move to that page. Maybe soap_can or Juble will make the Elma Tournament level 4, but I don't know yet. But in the meantime you can send recs from Elma Tournament level 3 to me. Check the lev, it is a bit longer than the level 2 was.

Ramone took the victory in Tournament level 1. The new level is up, lets see who will rule in it. And I got bored with that old point system... The new system is that 10 first players will get points. Points will be given as follows: First will get 12 points, second 10, third 8, fourth 7, fifth 6, and so on, tenth will get 1 point.

Ramone set a great time to the tournament level. Notice that you don't have to beat him in order to send your own rec. You just have to break the limit in the level. And you can send your rec many times - unlike wcup. Only your best time will stay in the list.

Elma Tournament started! Read more below.

Battle levels added. If you want to play those battle levels in irc, come to #battle. After we have played a level there, I will add that level to this site. Now there is 6 battle levels. You can drive best times to them and if you get a record, you will get a point from it.

Krychek played the new levels and took the lead! He has now 38 records.

The new levels are now up. Couple of them have been in Level of Month -competitions but there are other new levels too. You can download the new levels here: Levels 81-92

Now the christmas is over and a new year just started. Krychek had been höyling all the christmas and send me a lot of great replays. Check them out! Carc & krychek rock at the moment. I will soon put new levels to this page.

Wohou! My christmas holiday just started. Carc send me a lot of good records and took the lead.

OB sent me a bunch of records. I updated them and noticed that the old recs didn't work because I had renamed the levs so I removed the old recs. So don't try to download some 'base time' replay.

MopoGirl was the first who dared to send me a rec. So now when the first time is broken, the others are also easier to break... MopoGirl seems to be in the lead in the kuskis table.

At the moment this list is quite boring because there are only base times. But it means that it is quite easy to get into this list. So be quick and play!

Total points from Elma Tournament:

1.ramone [¿]12
3.jcl [mEkK]10


My levels are here now!


ElmaTimes program (Very useful program to compare your internal times)

Mergestats program (merges stat -files) (newest version 1.7)

Harri Luoma v.2002. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi