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Internal Feeling Level Pack


John asked me to put IFLP table back to life. So here it is! Unfortunately I don't have stats for the older tables so I only upload here the tables from 6 to 9 (which is the newest table). Enjoy.

ANpDaD took 38 IFLP wrs after 1 year without updates. He now leads the WR table, and leads the Total Time list by more than 30 secs! Here is the link to the 9th IFLP table:

John did so amazing work I had to update the table even if I just updated it. He took almost all the wrs and is now leading the table overwhelmingly. See the 8th table here:

Hi again, it's long since last update. John made a lot of new wrs, grats to him. Also one new wr by infected. It's nice to see ppl are still playing these levs. Here is the 7th table:

I'm sorry about this long time between last update but that's becouse for summer and other things. But now i have finished my updating program (mergestats, look from http://koti.mbnet.fi/zebra/elma.html).

I'm going to update these stats now with my program and from now on it is very important to send me the stats file because i can merge it easily with my prog.

The IFLP table 6 can be found here: http://koti.mbnet.fi/zebra/IFLP_table_006.html.

There is now 20 new times from xp [WNO] and axxu [AC]. There is also tight between teams AC and WNO: AC has better team TT but WNO has more best times than AC. Who will be better in table 7? We'll see that soon.

5th table up. 27 wr's this time, most of them from axxu. He has also great total time, grats to him! New times are in bold.

4th WR table up, 36 new wrs from xp, axxu and John.

3rd WR table up. When sending your times name your rec as IFLPxxyy where xx is the lev number and yy your nick. If you have a stats file (a .txt file including your IFLP times) include it in your zip especially if you want your total time to total time table. Thanks to everybody who has sent recs to us (me). Your recs will not be shared without your permission.

Update, 2nd WR table up.

Basetimes made to levs. Rex[TLR] was the first one with total time.

Best times

HtmlTxtCombined total timeLeaderDate
Table 6Table 634:45,80axxu [AC]12.9.2004
Table 7Table 734:30,74axxu [AC]13.4.2005
Table 8Table 834:02,58John [WNO]16.4.2005
Table 9Table 933:37,24ANpDaD [GF]17.4.2006

Minute limit breakers

Time limitBreakerTable no.Date
0:36:00,00axxu [AC]Table 612.9.2004
0:35:00,00John [WNO]Table 816.4.2005
0:34:00,00ANpDaD [GF]Table 917.4.2006


IFLP (Internal Feeling Level Pack) is a level pack made by team TAP back in 2004. Back then there were only 3 of us: zebra, jonsta and Behk. We tried to make levels which would have same kind of style as internals. Did we succeed in that? Go and download the pack and see for yourself. I think the levs are good. And there is also one chain lev made by all of us.

Name your recs as IFLPxxyy.rec, where xx is the number of the level and yy is two first letters from your nick. For example IFLP05ze.rec or IFLP23ze.rec.

I made my mergestats -program to be able to make statistics about the best times. You can use mergestats by downloading the latests .txt file from this page (see above), pressing "1" in mergestats and then typing the table name to the program, eg. IFLP_table_009.txt. After that you just press "1" again and add your own levstats.txt to it. After adding your times, the program shows which levs you have best times in.

You can see the best times -tables above. They will be updated monthly or as often as some times are sent to me (maybe little more often in the beginning). Please send in your times even if you have finished only few levels. You can also see minute limit breakers above.

Sending e-mail

Unfortunately we don't have here so fancy system as skintatious, but I think we will manage with oldschool e-mail system if we use levstats and mergestats -programs. When sending your times, you have to send a levstats -file containing your times! Don't send .lev files, only the levstats file and .rec files are enough. Send your recs to zebra@mbnet.fi. If you don't want to send all your rec files (they can be big files) check (manually or with mergestats) in which levels you have best times. In other words, you don't have to send your recs in levels where you don't have best times (world records). Though if some time seems suspicious (like 0.01 from current WR), I might ask you for a replay. Also notice that because in elma the unfinished times are not in the top ten, I will only accept finished times. I know this isn't very nice thing for pipe beginners but it's easier for us all, because the unfinished times won't be in the file which you generate with levstats.exe. You can do the required levstats file with with levstats -program (see below) or with elma 1.2 Any kind of bugs or playing with nitro patch isn't allowed. It would be easier for me if you renamed your stat file to levstats_xxx where xxx is your nick. And you can zip all or any of the files you send. Also tell in your mail your nick, team and nick in stats file.

An example mail:

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: IFLP levels
Nick: jonsta
Team: TAP
Nick in stat file: jonsterion
Attachments: levstats_jonsta.txt, jonstas_iflp001-055_recs.zip

If something is still unclear, ask me (zebra@mbnet.fi) or zebraTAP in IRCnet. And if you find something wrong in this page, please give feedback. You can also upload the levstats and recs to me in irc or in mopolauta if you find that easier.

I hope you like the levels :)


IFLP.zipIFLP levels (1-55)
mergestats17.zipI make the stats with this program
Levstats.zipMake your levstats.txt -file with this

Harri Luoma v.2007. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi