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Tuesday, 12.12.2006  »  Diplomas sent  »  at 23.00 EET by zebra
Top three players (axxu, Raven and Sick_Mambo) were sent diplomas. I uploaded axxu's diploma.

Friday, 1.12.2006  »  Mastercup 2 over  »  at 23.30 EET by zebra
Mastercup2 is finally over! A.K.B. [EA] did a nice work in the last event, won it and rose to the 4th place in the final standings. As told before, axxu won the whole cup, see the rest places in the file above. In teams NASCAR was overwhelming before EA, LBT and StockCar. Will there ever be mastercup 3? I don't know, we don't know. I just wish you a merry and peaceful christmas :)

Ps. While waiting for next cup, try my uni levels.

Monday, 27.11.2006  »  Last event going  »  at 19.30 EET by zebra
12th lev and 11th results up. Congratulations psy [NASCAR]. Nice styles there (others too). Note that only 5 days playing time in this last event.

The following players can't participate anymore: axxu, MAGEDD and TonyLee.

Wednesday, 15.11.2006  »  2 levs left  »  at 19.30 EET by zebra
11th lev and 10th results up. Raven is back at top. In player standings he's about to get the 2nd place, but 3rd place is very tight.

In team standings NASCAR secured their victory, congratulations. But the battle of 2nd place continues very tight.

The following players can't participate anymore: axxu and TonyLee.

Wednesday, 8.11.2006  »  We have a winner  »  at 22.30 EET by zebra
10th lev and 9th results up. Congratulations team EA who got the top 3 places! axxu came 4th and secured the mastercup2 victory, max congratulations :)

Monday, 30.10.2006  »  9th lev  »  at 20.30 EET by zebra
9th lev and pipe results up. We have a new winner, John [WNO], nice drive there. Little more playing time in the 9th event than usually (9 days).

Monday, 23.10.2006  »  8th lev  »  at 21.30 EEST by zebra
8th lev (pipe) and 7th results up. Congratulations for team NASCAR, who did the impossible: 5 players in top 6. It seems that NASCAR is on the way to team victory.

Monday, 16.10.2006  »  7th lev  »  at 19.40 EEST by zebra
7th lev and 6th results up. Congratulations axxu, once again.

Monday, 9.10.2006  »  6th lev  »  at 19.20 EEST by zebra
6th lev and 5th results up. Congratulations axxu, once again.

Tuesday, 3.10.2006  »  Deadline counter  »  at 22.45 EEST by zebra
Maska made a little counter which counts down to deadline. See it here: http://masbot.hoyler.net/mc2/

Monday, 2.10.2006  »  4th results, 5th lev  »  at 22.45 EEST by zebra
4th level over. It was a draw between axxu and Raven. LBT catching NASCAR soon in team standings. 5th level up.

Friday, 29.9.2006  »  E-mail problems  »  at 20.00 EEST by zebra
I got now terb0's and Magedd's mails, but they were 2 days late. Also TonyLee's e-mail was "a little" late and he was added to results. I hope this won't happen again, I just can't do anything for this problem. Just read the previous news which I wrote and make sure your e-mail won't be late.

Wednesday, 27.9.2006  »  Results and gmail problems  »  at 22.50 EEST by zebra
3rd level results are up. Grats Raven [LBT]! Grats too for new team, StockCar for such good debut.

We were having problems with gmail mails. We never got Magedd's and terb0's mails. So please make sure that you get the reply e-mail telling that your time is got successfully (though some ppl are not getting it), and if you don't get it, just send again (maybe from different e-mail). At least if you get the reply mail back you can be sure that we got your mail. Also note that it's sent only once every 4 days so if you are sending your mail in too soon you won't get the reply mail.

Wednesday, 27.9.2006  »  4th level up  »  at 18.10 EEST by zebra
4th level up. Playing time 5 days.

Wednesday, 13.9.2006  »  Second event results  »  at 21.00 EEST by zebra
2nd event gone, jonsta made the results. axxu won, once again. Will he make a hat trick? Or will raven or Karlis or someone else strike back? Much time (2 weeks) to höyl the new level, good luck.

In team standings, NASCAR seems to be quite overwhelming at the moment.

If you think the levs are too long, don't worry, there will be much shorter levs in the future. And don't forget that it's not yet late to start playing this cup :)

Monday, 4.9.2006  »  First event results  »  at 22.00 EEST by zebra
First event results are up in events -page. Congratulations, axxu [NASCAR] and his team :) In the future, hopefully Jonsta is going to make these results. We are trying to publish them on the same day as the deadline is (couple hours after the deadline, because it took over 2 hours to make these 1st event results). New level is also uploaded on the same as the previous level's deadline is.

Monday, 4.9.2006  »  2nd lev up  »  at 18.00 EEST by zebra
2nd level up in the events -page. Deadline will be Wednesday 13.9.2006, which means that there is little more time to play this level because it's so much longer than the first one.

Tuesday, 29.8.2006  »  Jonsta is the vacation-man  »  at 22:31 EEST by zebra
I just heard that jonsta, who should be doing the results in the first level, is on a vacation!! How can this be true? He seems to have forgotten the whole cup. Well, this means that I have to do the results :(

In the gmail there is now a 'holiday reminder' which will send you back a confirmation e-mail when you have sent in. It's sent only once every four days (i can't change that). But in that way (if you receive the mail) you can be sure that we have successfully received your e-mail.

Monday, 28.8.2006  »  First level up  »  at 00:00 EEST by zebra
First level up in the events-page! Deadline is on 4.9.2006 at 18.00 EEST (finnish time, GMT + 3). That means one week playing time. Good luck!

Sunday, 13.8.2006  »  Site up  »  at 21:00 EEST by zebra
Yeah, Mastercup 2 is finally coming! The starting date will be Monday 28.8.2006 (28th of August). For first I have to apologize for myself and other TAP member for delaying this cup so long. The main reasons were the slow level designing process (Juble and devan didn't manage to do any levels and 8-ball only 1 after few months of begging) and the summer holidays of TAP crew. But now let's forget the past and concentrate to the coming cup.

I think (hope) that this will be the biggest and hardest cup in this year. And who knows, this might be the last cup which TAP arranges. So, now will be a unique chance to play the best cup of all times (brag, sorry) :)

Compared to mastercup 1, there is one new rule: You can play only 10 events. There are totally 12 events, which means that you have to skip 2 events. This means that it doesn't matter anymore so much if you miss one event for some reason. Let's see what kind of tactics this new rule brings and which levels you choose to play. To make the choosing easier, we revealed a picture and a description of each level in interviews -page. It's worth seeing.

The new e-mail address to be used is mastercup2@gmail.com. We decided to use google mail because jonsta promised to handle e-mails and to the results, let's see what happens.

Because we have 12 events each lasting maybe 1-2 weeks, the whole cup will last about 15 weeks, which means that the cup is going to end probably in december. We might have a little break too, but it's not decided yet.

I zipped the old mastercup 1 levs and recs if you want to check them.

But now, please join #mc2 in ircnet to get the cup feeling on :)

3.4.2006  »  Mastercup 2 Trailer  »  at 10:00 EET by zebra
Jonsta made a nice mastercup 2 trailer (26 MB). It's a short presentation movie made in 1 day (about 10 hours). It shows some random TAP levels + old Master Cup levels. It also includes some footage from new MC2 levels but, as you imagine, we can´t show much of the levels.

More info on mopolauta.