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This page is dedicated for Elasto Mania battles which have been played in IRC and later in ballelma and belma and EOL. In battles the usual goal is to finish a given level in the fastest time. Battle duration can vary between one minute and one hour, normally being something like 15 minutes. In the early days of #battle the battles were only normal battles and they were started just by pasting the level name (link to level) to IRC channel #battle. The players pasted their times to IRC and the fastest player won the battle. After-battles were common because not necessarily all even knew when the battle ended. I guess the first battles were played in 1998 but I got logs only from year 2002 on. After some years (year 2003 maybe) skint0r developed a battlebot which collected all the times automatically. You had to give the battle duration to the battlebot so battling became more automatical. In 2007 milagros developed his first version of ballelma and after a couple of months, all the battles were played in ballelma (elma with online features). It had a bot which pasted all the results on the IRC channel #ballelma. Later ballelma was renamed as belma but still the irc channel #ballelma remained. Now (year 2010) milagros's project is further renamed to EOL (Elma OnLine) and it has advanced battle statistics so these kind of statistics are not anymore needed and not even possible because of all the new battle types. The statistics on this page are generated from #battle and #ballelma log files with my program mergestats v.1.8. Click the links below to go to #battle stats or to #ballelma stats. Neither of them is not updated anymore because nowadays all the battles are played in EOL. See you there!

#battle (2002-2007)

#ballelma (2007-2010)

EOL (2010-)

ps. check also mopobattles which were played in years 2001-2007 in #mopobattle channel. They were more organized and in the beginning they had quite much players compared to normal battles.

And for collectors, I made a zip containing all #battle and #ballelma log files from years 2002-2010. By downloading these logs you can create better statistics yourself!

#battle logs
#ballelma logs

Harri Luoma v.2007. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi