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Playing levels


I have stopped updating these records here because the saveload patch is out there and it is undetectable. You can continue playing these levels in EOL.

Table 32 up. Dynamo [HHIT] took 9 new world records!

Table 31 up. flummoxed took 2 new wrs.

Table 30 up. One new wr by Daniel.

Table 29 up. It's Jazka again taking wrs. This time he took 6 wrs. Combined total time is down to 20:02,16. Will it be under 20 in next table? We'll see.

Table 28 up. Jazka took amazing 18 new wrs and took the lead in total time! Also flummoxed improved his times and passed adi in total time. Congratulations both of you.

Table 27 up. Mawane and flummoxed sent new times. Nice new wrs by flummoxed, he's catching adi soon!

Table 26 up. adi and FinMan sent their times.

Table 25 up. Vandmand, flummoxed and Alma sent some new times.

Table 24 up. NightMar_JNR, Labs and flummoxed got some new wrs.

Table 23 up. 6 players sent wrs to the new levels and adi [EF] took the lead. Total time is now 20:15,73. Will we ever go under the magical 20 minute limit? It will be hard at least.

Playing Extra levels published! 17 new tricks for you to höyl. Everybody lost their TT now because I added the new levels into the 22th table. So, download the new levels and target replays for them and start get a total time again :) See the descriptions of the levels too. I'll update the next table when I get enough new wrs to update :) Happy höyling!

Table 21 up. 2 new wrs from flummoxed and total time down by amazing 0.02 seconds.

Table 20 up. 22 new wrs from adi [EF] and 2 from flummoxed, congratulations. adi [EF] took 3rd place in tt and combined total time is again one second closer to 17 minutes.

Table 19 up. 3 new wrs from flummoxed.

Table 18 up with one new wr from Mawane [TR]. WR total time going down very slowly now, someone make something to it, please :)

Table 17 up. I'm updating now because MatchBox [AG] sent some nice new wrs and I won't be able to update in few weeks.

Table 16 up. flummoxed improved one of his own wrs.

Table 15 up. No new wrs, just new times by flummoxed. From this on, the table will be updated only monthly (in the beginning of each month) like pipo and uni tables too.

Table 14 up. Only one new wr by CSabi [TEA].

Table 13 up. NVS and flummoxed sent each one wr.

Table 12 up. Both Dynamo and flummoxed got one new wr.

Table 11 up. Dynamo sent many new times, some other kuskis too.

Table 10 up. Only CSabi and flummoxed sent times.

Table 9 up. KD under 17.20.

Table 8 up. Only 3 ppl send times anymore. WRs start to be harder now. I just found out that there seems to be an other table on hungarian elma site. But that's only for hungarian ppl so my table is more official, they say :)

Table 7 up. Total time soon under 17.10.

8 ppl sent recs time time. KD [mEkK] took the lead in total time. mEkK is also leading in the team total time, congratulations. Only 9 dream times unbeaten anymore.

New times by Costya, CSabi, Jazka and Marci. Couple of new wrs too. Jazka took the lead in total time.

4th table up. 11 ppl and 38 new wrs this time. We have new leader, when NightMar_JNR was the first who beat the Dream total time. Congratulations.

3rd table up. Amazing 14 ppl sent me recs this time, so this was a success. At the moment there are 4 WRs without a rec. I sent mail to those who are missing a rec. If I don't receive the recs until next week, I will remove those times from the table. But thanks all who sent their times.

Second table up. Three teamless players (Crazy, Jazka and EtanOli) sent me their times beating already most of the dream times. Next table next week.

Page and first table up. At the moment the table consists of target and dream times. Please read the page thoroughly before sending your recs. The table will be updated weekly, probably every wednesday.

Best times

HtmlTxtCombined total timeLeaderDate
Table 1Table 117:39,59Dream30.7.2007
Table 2Table 217:30,10Dream1.8.2007
Table 3Table 317:17,93Dream8.8.2007
Table 4Table 417:15,35NightMar_JNR [xXx]15.8.2007
Table 5Table 517:12,83Jazka22.8.2007
Table 6Table 617:11,25KD [mEkK]29.8.2007
Table 7Table 717:10,00KD [mEkK]5.9.2007
Table 8Table 817:09,78KD [mEkK]12.9.2007
Table 9Table 917:09,31KD [mEkK]19.9.2007
Table 10Table 1017:09,19KD [mEkK]26.9.2007
Table 11Table 1117:08,01KD [mEkK]4.10.2007
Table 12Table 1217:07,97KD [mEkK]10.10.2007
Table 13Table 1317:07,79KD [mEkK]24.10.2007
Table 14Table 1417:07,44KD [mEkK]31.10.2007
Table 15Table 1517:07,44KD [mEkK]14.11.2007
Table 16Table 1617:07,40KD [mEkK]3.12.2007
Table 17Table 1717:06,89KD [mEkK]19.12.2007
Table 18Table 1817:06,88KD [mEkK]7.1.2008
Table 19Table 1917:06,83KD [mEkK]18.3.2008
Table 20Table 2017:05,36KD [mEkK]24.4.2008
Table 21Table 2117:05,34KD [mEkK]26.5.2008
Table 22Table 2220:46,22Dream30.5.2008
Table 23Table 2320:15,73adi [EF]11.6.2008
Table 24Table 2420:14,87adi [EF]19.6.2008
Table 25Table 2520:14,44adi [EF]14.7.2008
Table 26Table 2620:13,57adi [EF]31.7.2008
Table 27Table 2720:10,88adi [EF]19.8.2008
Table 28Table 2820:05,75Jazka17.9.2008
Table 29Table 2920:02,16Jazka9.10.2008
Table 30Table 3020:02,14Jazka16.3.2009
Table 31Table 3120:02,08Jazka22.4.2009
Table 32Table 3220:01,57Jazka12.5.2009


These WR tables are for Moposite Playing Levels, which you can find from moposite playing levels section. This level pack consists of over 140 short höylä levels. The main idea has been to make a level for each playing type.

At the moposite page you can see the list which describes how each level could be driven fast and what's the point in the lev. Each lev is there for a reason, because each one of them presents a unique trick, a driving style or a bike controlling technique. The point hasn't been to make all kinds of levels, but to include all kinds of playing styles. All of the levels are very short and höylish, so this level pack is like a dream for all the höylers. Though the descriptions are given in moposite, the point isn't to do exactly as told below, but to drive as fast as possible. That means that you are allowed to drive a wr with any imaginable style that is possible in the lev. The target recs certainly describe the styles better than these descriptions. So the best way to play these levs is probably watch the target recs, copy the styles and do the höyl. Some levels or styles might fit to many categories. In that case, they are only in one category.

Each category gets more difficult to the end. In each level there are two times, a target time and a dream time. A target time is a time which you should beat quite easily if you have the correct style. After beating the target time you can think that you have successfully learned the trick which you had to make in that lev. The dream time is much harder, and you can only beat it with a really good rec. The dream time is not necessarily driven with same style as the target rec. Though we have to remember that there are much different kinds of players out there with different amount of skills and in some levels the dream time may seem impossible and in some levels ridiculous. And you should know that we haven't been höyling these levs very much, so maybe we have missed a style somewhere and the dream time is relatively bad. In some levels it might be needed to do some elma tuning (vsync etc) to beat the dream time. The target recs are public and meant to be example recs, where you can see the styles. Our current plan is to keep the dream replays secret, at least for some time.

The level's filename pattern is PLxxyy.lev, where yy is the level number in that category and xx is the category's 2 first letters, except for Picking, which is PC, because PI is reserved for Piping, and Brutal volting, which is BV, because BR is reserved for Braking. You should name your recs as PLxxyyzz.rec, where zz are the 2 first letters of your nick (as usual), for example PLAC01ze.rec. Please don't use longer rec names.

The levels are made mainly by me (zebra). In past years many other people have also been involved. The project started in 2002 when BarTek and Abula came with an idea of Moposchool which would teach tricks to newbies. Rigger and ciph were also helping them but as usually the project was taking time one more month after another. When Paprika was published the concept of the entire section was radically changed and I started to lead the project. Luther, axxu and Abula have been helping in the second period of the project. The dream replays are mainly driven by axxu (some are mine). The target replays are driven by Abula. At first they were driven by me but Abula thought that they were too hard so he drove little easier times for you to beat.

Name your recs as PLxxyyzzzzzz.rec, where PLxxyy is the name of the level and zzzzzz is your nick (or beginning of it). You can use belma and save long rec names if you like. So the rec names could be for example PLAC01zebra.rec or PLBR03zeb.rec.

I also made my mergestats -program to be able to make statistics about the best times. You can use mergestats by downloading the latests .txt file from this page (see above), pressing "1" in mergestats and then typing the table name to the program, eg. playing_table_001.txt. After that you just press "1" again and add your own levstats.txt to it. After adding your times, the program shows which levs you have best times in.

You can see the best times tables above. Also team statistics will be there. They will be updated weekly or monthly or as often as some times are sent to me. Please send in your times even if you have finished only few levels.

Note that in time, when we find out more tricks, the level pack will expand. That means that you shouldn't look at your total time very closely, because when new levels will come, your total time will change. At the moment the requested levels are vertical pipe driving, alobounce, ground bounce, start launcher and stretch hang (at least those). If you have a new idea which is not in any of the levels, please send it (lev and rec) to me or to Abula. If the level pack grows up, it will be clearly announced in this page. And hopefully it won't expand very frequently. Because of the expanding, I won't keep any 'minute limit breakers' table.

Sending e-mail

Unfortunately we don't have here so fancy system as skintatious, but I think we will manage with oldschool e-mail system if we use levstats and mergestats -programs. When sending your times, you have to send a levstats -file containing your times! Don't send .lev files, only the levstats file and .rec files are enough. Send your recs to zebra@mbnet.fi. If you don't want to send all your rec files (they can be big files) check (manually or with mergestats, the instructions are above) in which levels you have best times. In other words, you don't have to send your recs in levels where you don't have best times (world records). Though if some time seems suspicious (like 0.01 from current WR), I might ask you for a replay. You can do the required levstats file with with levstats -program (see below). Any kind of bugs or playing with nitro patch isn't allowed. It would be easier for me if you renamed your stat file to levstats_xxx.txt where xxx is your nick. And you can zip all or any of the files you send. Also tell in your mail your nick, team and nick in stats file.

An example mail:

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: Playing levels
Nick: jonsta
Team: TAP
Nick in stat file: jonsterion
Attachments: levstats_jonsta.txt, jonstas_playing_recs.zip

If something is still unclear, ask me (zebra@mbnet.fi) or zebraTAP or harrii in IRCnet. And if you find something wrong in this page, please give feedback. Also you are welcome to join the channel #playinglevels in IRCnet if you want to discuss something about these levels or just have fun :) You can also upload the levstats and recs to me in irc or mopolauta if you find that easier.

Enjoy the levels :) If you like longer levels, try my uni level pack. If you are in favor of pipe levs, try my pipo level pack.


playing_levels_20080530.zip The zip containing all the levels
playing_targets_20080530.zip Target time replays
mergestats17.zipI make the stats with this program
Levstats.zipMake your levstats.txt -file with this


Moposite Playing section
Mopolauta thread for posting your times
Mopolauta thread for discussing about the levels

Harri Luoma v.2007. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi