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Pipo levels


Table 25 up. FinMan [NK] sent 7 new wrs. This will also be the last table. I will stop updating these records here because the saveload patch is out there and it is undetectable. You can continue playing these levels in EOL.

Table 24 up. New times from both adi and Kazan. The battle is tighter than ever! And Kazan broke the magical 22 minute limit! Congratulations!

Table 23 up. adi [MiE] took 12 new wrs and takes the best TT back to himself! Awesome job. I already thought this battle was over, but seems that it's not :)

Table 22 up. Kazan took 2 new wrs.

Table 21 up. FinMan took one new wr.

Table 20 up. It's Kazan again! He took again 10 new wrs! Amazing! Combined total time soon under 22 minutes.

Table 19 up. The battle continues! Kazan took 10 new wrs and the lead in total time.

Table 18 up. Adi is fastest again, he took 9 wrs this time. Nice recs, especially nice trick in pipo13.

Table 17 up and the battle continues! Kazan took 3 new wrs and beat adi's total time by 0,81 seconds. Great recs I must say.

Table 16 up and adi is back! He took 28 wrs from Kazan and beat his total time! Amazing styles, brakings, and pipe driving there! There is very tight battle now between adi and kazan. Who will eventually win? Exciting.

Hehe, amazing! Table 15 is up and Kazan took now all the wrs! (well, lev 52 is tied with adi) That means 25 new wrs and another 15 secs off from the total time. Totally incredible.

Table 14 up. Kazan took now 35 new wrs and he beat adi's total time with 5 seconds! Will adi strike back? We'll see. Congratulations, Kazan.

Table 13 up and it's adi again. This time he took 11 new wrs! Amazing.

Table 12 up. adi took 5 wrs.

Table 11 up. Kazan closing up. He took 4 new wrs.

Table 10 up. Kazan took 14 wrs and 2nd place in total time. He's nearly a minute behind adi but still quite convincing.

Table 9 up. adi [EF] continues to amaze us with his imbelieveable times. He took now ALL the wrs to himself and broke the magical 23 minute limit! Seems that all the other players are totally stupefied under his overwhelming skills. Will there ever be a challenger for him? We'll see. Congratulations adi, once again.

Table 8 up. adi [EF] sent his times again, but this time the result was far more impressive: 41 new world records and combined TT down nearly by half a minute! Totally unbelieveable! Congratulations, adi! Let's see if BoneLESS or ElrondMcBong will strike back... but they have hard job beating adi if they will...

Table 7 up. adi [EF] sent his times and got one wr.

Table 6 up. VT [EA] sent 2 new wrs.

New table already up (table 5) with amazing number of new wrs! Both BoneLESS [HHIT] and ElrondMcBong [EA] sent their times and broke the 24 minute limit. ElrondMcBong just broke the limit time one week earlier so he got the limit breaker title. But BoneLESS took the lead now with amazing 29 wrs, which is 10 more than ElrondMcBong has. I just watched the recs through and my jaw almost dropped to floor with amazement. Really good tricks there, guys. But who will be in the lead in the next table? Maybe better that I don't say the exact date of the next table because it seems that I messed up the last table date. But at least I try to update it again on the beginning of next month. We'll see maybe then if the 23 minute limit is possible. After looking the recs, I realized that if it's not impossible, at least it is really hard. But good luck, all of you, if you try to beat it.

A lot of new records by team EA and especially by ElrondMcBong. Also Staar sent his recs. Great times! Keep up the good work. I'm missing some wr recs, and I sent e-mails to those who didn't send the correct recs. Please send them as soon as possible. Next update in a month or earlier if I get much to update.

I made an exception and updated the table because BoneLESS sent his times. He took amazing 16 wrs with cool replays. Also he was the first under 26 minutes.

ElrondMcBong sent his rec. He was the first one who finished all the levs, congratulations! Also I drove some of the levs through. I haven't received much recs so maybe it's enough if I update this once a month. So next update is coming in the beginning of July.

axxu sent times, so I added his and my own times to table. Some of levels are still unfinished, so it's easy to get into the table if you just can finish them. Next update probably in beginning of June.

Pipo levels published. I should have done these long ago, but i thought there will be more of them. Anyway here they are, all 52.

Best times

HtmlTxtCombined total timeLeaderDate
Table 1Table 147 levels finishedzebra [TAP]15.5.2007
Table 2Table 225:26,69ElrondMcBong [EA]1.6.2007
Table 3Table 324:52,63ElrondMcBong [EA]13.6.2007
Table 4Table 424:07,81ElrondMcBong [EA]28.6.2007
Table 5Table 523:37,38BoneLESS [HHIT]9.7.2007
Table 6Table 623:37,18BoneLESS [HHIT]11.8.2007
Table 7Table 723:36,57BoneLESS [HHIT]18.10.2007
Table 8Table 823:14,88adi [EF]21.1.2008
Table 9Table 922:59,98adi [EF]17.9.2008
Table 10Table 1022:58,05adi [EF]23.10.2008
Table 11Table 1122:56,67adi [EF]13.11.2008
Table 12Table 1222:55,64adi [EF]27.11.2008
Table 13Table 1322:51,85adi [MiE]9.7.2009
Table 14Table 1422:41,54Kazan5.8.2009
Table 15Table 1522:26,51Kazan17.8.2009
Table 16Table 1622:18,73adi [MiE]19.8.2009
Table 17Table 1722:17,31Kazan16.9.2009
Table 18Table 1822:14,59adi [MiE]23.9.2009
Table 19Table 1922:11,67Kazan16.11.2009
Table 20Table 2022:05,55Kazan18.11.2009
Table 21Table 2122:05,50Kazan19.11.2009
Table 22Table 2222:05,28Kazan21.1.2010
Table 23Table 2322:03,43adi [MiE]18.4.2010
Table 24Table 2421:56,57Kazan6.5.2010
Table 25Table 2521:55,79Kazan17.8.2011

Minute limit breakers

Time limitBreakerTable no.Date
2:48:00,00zebra [TAP]Table 115.5.2007
0:27:00,00ElrondMcBong [EA]Table 21.6.2007
0:26:00,00BoneLESS [HHIT]Table 313.6.2007
0:25:00,00ElrondMcBong [EA]Table 428.6.2007
0:24:00,00ElrondMcBong [EA]Table 529.6.2007
0:23:00,00adi [EF]Table 917.9.2008
0:22:00,00KazanTable 246.5.2010


Pipo level pack is the biggest pipe level pack I have made. If you don't like pipe levs, check my uni level pack. The rules are basically same as they were in uni levels.

First I though I'm gonna make pipo level pack as big as uni level pack (366 levs, a level for each day). Then I realized that it would last forever, so I made only one level per each week in a year (52 levels). All of the levs ahve been played on #battle, but not all of them have been finished there, so I didn't bother to add those old times to the list.

When downloading these levels from here, you don't have to overwrite your old records from old levels in case you have played some of the levs at #battle. I haven't edited the levels since they have been played at #battle, so your best times from battles are still valid. So if you still have those times in the levs (and the recs too), just send them to me (see below how).

Name your recs as Pipoxxyy.rec, where xx is the number of the level and yy is two first letters from your nick. For example Pipo05ze.rec or Pipo23ze.rec. You can also name them like Pipo005z.rec or Pipo023z.rec if you want, it doesn't matter very much here.

I made my mergestats -program to be able to make statistics about the best times. You can use mergestats by downloading the latests .txt file from this page (see above), pressing "1" in mergestats and then typing the table name to the program, eg. pipo_table_001.txt. After that you just press "1" again and add your own levstats.txt to it. After adding your times, the program shows which levs you have best times in.

You can see the best times -tables above. They will be updated monthly or as often as some times are sent to me (maybe little more often in the beginning). Please send in your times even if you have finished only few levels. You can also see minute limit breakers above.

Sending e-mail

Unfortunately we don't have here so fancy system as skintatious, but I think we will manage with oldschool e-mail system if we use levstats and mergestats -programs. When sending your times, you have to send a levstats -file containing your times! Don't send .lev files, only the levstats file and .rec files are enough. Send your recs to zebra@mbnet.fi. If you don't want to send all your rec files (they can be big files) check (manually or with mergestats) in which levels you have best times. In other words, you don't have to send your recs in levels where you don't have best times (world records). Though if some time seems suspicious (like 0.01 from current WR), I might ask you for a replay. Also notice that because in elma the unfinished times are not in the top ten, I will only accept finished times. I know this isn't very nice thing for pipe beginners but it's easier for us all, because the unfinished times won't be in the file which you generate with levstats.exe. You can do the required levstats file with with levstats -program (see below) or with elma 1.2 Any kind of bugs or playing with nitro patch isn't allowed. It would be easier for me if you renamed your stat file to levstats_xxx where xxx is your nick. And you can zip all or any of the files you send. Also tell in your mail your nick, team and nick in stats file.

An example mail:

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: Pipo levels
Nick: jonsta
Team: TAP
Nick in stat file: jonsterion
Attachments: levstats_jonsta.txt, jonstas_pipo001-052_recs.zip

If something is still unclear, ask me (zebra@mbnet.fi) or zebraTAP in IRCnet. And if you find something wrong in this page, please give feedback. You can also upload the levstats and recs to me in irc or in mopolauta if you find that easier.

I hope you like the levels :)


Pipolevs.zipPipo levels 1-52
mergestats17.zipI make the stats with this program
Levstats.zipMake your levstats.txt -file with this

Harri Luoma v.2007. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi