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The TAP Challenge


TAP Challenge is now over and we have a winner: Homer! Congratulations! It seems that TAP wasn't good enough to beat the finalists... even jonsta really tried. Here are all the level 6 recs. Thanks for all who played.

Event 5 over. I asked jallax edit the TAPC6.lev so we (TAP members) wouldn't get any benefit from playing it before. Now it's the final! Let's see if TAP members can challenge axxu and Homer! Level 5 recs here. Deadline on next monday.

Event 4 over, and time for semifinal (the final will be the tap challenge lev). Only Ali, Homer, axxu and The OooO still in. 4A-B recs here. Event 5 level up. Deadline on next monday at 16:00, which means that you have the whole week time to play.

Event 3 over. Only 8 players in anymore. Exciting, isn't it! 3A-3D recs here. Event 4 levels up. Deadline on monday at 16:00 as usual.

Event 2 over and levels 3A - 3D up. Again, congratulations to all who were in top 2. Now it's getting tighter. Good luck everyone, and remember deadline on thursday. 2E-2H recs here.

Levels 2E - 2H up. Also events 2A - 2D over. Congratulations to all who were in top 2! 2A-2D recs here. Levels 2E - 2H deadlines on monday.

16.1.2006, at 19:30
First event is over, and I got totally 37 e-mails. That means that 5 worst players got eliminated. I made the groups, and 4 first groups can start to play immidiately. Remember deadline on thursday. Event 1 top recs here. Good luck to everybody!

16.1.2006, at 0:24
Under 16 hours to deadline. I just recently won 2 GAA prices, the designer and contributor :) I made a randomizer, which i will use when i generate the groups. So anyone can't say i have randomized them badly. I will input the players into the program in the order in which their times are.

The first level is released! The deadline is on Monday 16.1.2006 at 16.00 EET. Good luck!

Elma Arena was postponed, and TAP Challenge will start already in January! The new starting date is Monday 9 January 2006.

Site up. The cup will start on 6 February 2006. The cup will be kind of elimination cup, see rules below. All the levels are good TAP quality. Let's gather at least 32 participants in the first event, so we can get a good cup. There is little 'if' with the starting date, if elma arena lasts very long. Let's see.


Level / fileDesignerPlayersWinner / resultsTime / replayPlaying time
TAPC1: The Elimination LevJubleAllaxxu0:29,60Mon 9 Jan. 00:00 - Mon 16 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2A: Apple SaucedevanSokSer, Fluff, Xhomaz, HomerHomer0:34,73Mon 16 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 19 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2B: PulsarzebraDynamo, Souza, Raven, MarciDynamo0:35,09Mon 16 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 19 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2C: Speedsterzebrapsy, Fixxxer, KD, MemphisKD0:29,14Mon 16 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 19 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2D: Blue SoulJubleZox, Boomer, Squip, jallaxBoomer0:24,24Mon 16 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 19 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2E: SuperstitiousjonstaLazY, TarGEnoR, tijsjoris, HesteRaceTarGEnoR0:28,50Thu 19 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 23 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2F: New SystemSowjetAli, BoneLESS, ElToto, CMcAli0:26,48Thu 19 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 23 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2G: Lonely WorldSowjetThe OooO, Heat, Rasken, zelterThe OooO0:32,54Thu 19 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 23 Jan. 16:00
TAPC2H: Mashed Potato8-ballaxxu, TonyLee, Dahle, Lukazzaxxu0:17,97Thu 19 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 23 Jan. 16:00
TAPC3A: TriTrikjonstaHomer, Fluff, TarGEnoR, LazYFluff0:35,76Mon 23 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 26 Jan. 16:00
TAPC3B: Cruel Guide8-ballDynamo, Marci, Ali, ElTotoAli0:34,29Mon 23 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 26 Jan. 16:00
TAPC3C: Can OpenerdevanKD, Fixxxer, The OooO, zelterThe OooO0:34,04Mon 23 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 26 Jan. 16:00
TAPC3D: Red O PlaneJubleBoomer, Zox, axxu, Dahleaxxu0:36,29Mon 23 Jan. 21:00 - Thu 26 Jan. 16:00
TAPC4A: UnityzebraFluff, Homer, Ali, DynamoAli0:31,24Thu 26 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 30 Jan. 16:00
TAPC4B: TrikereyjonstaThe OooO, zelter, axxu, Dahleaxxu0:36,16Thu 26 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 30 Jan. 16:00
TAPC5: AnimaniadevanAli, Homer, axxu, The OooOaxxu1:02,17Mon 30 Jan. 21:00 - Mon 6 Feb. 16:00
TAPC6: The Finaljonsta (edited by jallax)axxu, Homer and TAP membersHomer0:40,61Mon 6 Feb. 21:00 - Mon 13 Feb. 16:00
All times in EET (GMT + 2).

Level chart


General info

As you can see from above picture, 32 players will progress to the battle round. In battle rounds, in each level 4 players will play against each other. 2 best players will progress to the next level, and 2 worst players will drop. There won't be any safety system, so play hard. If you don't send your rec, you will automatically lose.

The 'battle round' doesn't mean they are battle levels - the events will last for 3-4 days. The original idea was that they would be battled in irc, but people might not have the possibility to play on a certain date and time so we have to give some more time for you to play.

The groups after the elimination level are quite randomly generated. After the 2nd event the groups are generated according to the arrows drawn in the above picture. Note that all the groups 2A-2H might not be simultaneously, so say in your mail if you can't play on certain day/week/weekend and I could check that you will be on a group in which you can play. But I don't guarantee anything.

In the final event, we (all TAP members) will challenge the battle round winners. That's why the name, 'The TAP challenge'.

In the above picture, in each table, the first column indicates the players in each level and in the second column there will be all the players ordered by their times so that the winner will be in the upper right corner and the loser in lower right corner. You don't have to sign up or anything, just send your time in the first level by the deadline.

For contacting me/us, visit the channel #TAPC in IRCnet, ask in mopolauta or send mail to zebra@mbnet.fi.

Replay sending

Send your replays to zebra@mbnet.fi. Name your replays as TAPCxxyy.rec where xx is the event number and yy is your nick (or beginning of it). For example TAPC3Bze.rec or TAPC1zeb.rec. Your mail should look like this (for example):

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: TAP Challenge: zebra's rec for level 3B

Nick: zebra
Time/result: 0:53,72

Attachment: TAPC3B.lev and TAPC3Bze.rec

You can zip your rec and lev but not necessary. Note that team nor nationality is not needed, because we don't keep any kind of statistics. There won't be any interviews this time.

The basic stuff

You can use Elma 1.1x or 1.2 for playing. The deadline for sending the replays for a certain event is announced at the same time as the level is published. Send only one replay per event. Any bugs or cheating are not allowed.


Punishment if mail was sent too late, exact time was not told, bad attitude, lev file was not included, sending mail two times, replay named wrong or something other tiny mistakes: +0.50 sec to the time.

Punishment for missing replays, wrong levs, wrong replays, sending spam, copying recs, or sending mail after I have made results: disqualifying.

Harri Luoma v.2005. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi