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I decided to collect all my levels (well, most of them) to a single page because there starts to be quite many of them. Enjoy!

My own levelpacks

Old across levels156N/AN/ASome old across levels from years 1998-2000.
Old misc elma levels357some are in the packsome are in the packSome old elma levels from years 2000-2004. Used in battles, combobattles, TTbattles, Level Of Month competition and so on.
Uni levels366herehereMy greatest levelpack, years 2003-2006. More info here.
Pipo levels52N/AhereA nice pipe levelpack. More info here.
Cup levels36N/AN/AMy cup levs which have been used in many kind of cups in the past.
Ultra Hyper Super Extreme Pro levels400+N/AhereMy höylä level pack, used for battles. Will be updated (latest update 6.8.2009).
Battle levels300+N/AN/AMy battle levels from 2006->. Will be updated (latest update 6.8.2009).

Other level packs which contain my levels

Internal Feeling Level Pack55N/AhereOld TAP levelpack.
The TAP Challenge Level Pack17herehereLevels from the cup called 'The TAP Challenge'. More info here.
Moposite Playing Levels140herehereMoposite Playing Levels. More info here.
Mopobattles163includedincludedLevels from mopobattles. More info here.
Mastercup 112herehereMastercup 1 levels. More info here
Mastercup 212herehereMastercup 2 levels. More info here.
TAP Elimination Cup36herehereAn elimination cup arranged by team TAP in 2008. More info here.
One Year Level Pack52N/AhereLevel pack which playtime is limited to one year. More info here.

Elma online

There are even more levels in Elma Online. See the following level pack collections. Nowadays Elma Online is also the place where the best times are collected, so I recommend to play my levels in Elma Online. Enjoy :)

All Zebra's level packs
All TAP's level packs

Harri Luoma v.2002. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi