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My music

I have been interested in music since I was 4 years old and played piano over 10 years. I have also composed a lot of pieces using both piano and computer. In this page you will find pieces which I have made mainly with Fast Tracker 2. If you don't have FT2, you can play them in winamp too. If you like Dance/Techno/Pop type music, it's possible that you will like these pieces too. Pieces are in order by the date I have finished them.

I deleted these pieces from this server to save disk. Now they are awailable to download at mikseri.net. My older songs made in Fast Tracker 2 can be found here:


Newer (and better (?)) songs made with FL Studio can be found here:


Check those pages, there are many new cool pieces there :)

Name  Lenght   Finished  Size  
Abandoned4:272.5.2002771 kt
Startin' Up8:151.5.2002368 kt
Liquid2:338.4.2002177 kt
Static Dreams5:4821.1.2002940 kt
Blizzard2:3913.1.2002210 kt
Monday Morning2:5022.9.2001417 kt
The Chaos5:278.9.2001301 kt
Too Much3:4120.8.2001361 kt
Sunset3:4328.7.2001155 kt
Scary?3:402.7.2001279 kt
Vertical Scenery2:3417.6.2001716 kt
Tsojoing!6:117.6.2001198 kt
Rocket2:4828.5.2001128 kt
Guitar Star1:5524.5.2001241 kt
The Land of Immortality  17:1521.5.2001756 kt
Hyperworld5:5029.3.2001276 kt
Cats And Dogs4:5520.3.2001261 kt
Frenzy7:2520.1.2001454 kt
Desert4:0531.12.2000229 kt
Loop Of Dreams3:5510.6.2000468 kt
Toxic Ice4:5511.3.2000346 kt
Wheel It!2:0027.2.2000234 kt
Plus-Jam5:0018.2.2000358 kt
Bomb!5:156.2.2000350 kt
Paradise5:4011.12.1999477 kt
Super Popitus6:0823.9.1999253 kt
The Popitus4:239.9.1999229 kt
Fly!!!4:4516.8.1999542 kt
Tweet5:5512.7.1999193 kt
Eternity23:3025.6.1999649 kt
No Control!!9:0522.3.1999409 kt
Kellopeli3:407.1.1999240 kt
Wicked World3:3017.11.1998369 kt
Faked Madness3:5030.9.1998255 kt
Above The Sky9:1015.9.1998655 kt
Komppi4:206.6.1998377 kt
Treasure of Ocean5:2017.5.1998311 kt
The Dream4:356.3.1998697 kt
Emotions6:0012.2.1998341 kt
Harmony1:157.11.1997207 kt
Cool2:0012.10.1997366 kt

Read ratings of these pieces (in finnish)

Harri Luoma v.2002. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi