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Banana Cup 4 by team TAP

General info and rules

Have you ever dreamed of a cup which wouldn't be so severe and where you could only cruise through the levels and get much points? Do you feel the ordinary cups are boring and conservative? Would you like to have more variation in the events? Would you like to participate in a funny cup like Kahvi Cup which was held couple of years ago? If you answered yes to some of those questions, Banana Cup 4 could be the thing just for you! In Banana Cup 4 there are totally 20 events. Each event has different rules. The points may not be given like in ordinary elma cup or the fastest time won't necessarily win. Although this is pretty extraordinary cup, you have to remember that cheating is not allowed either in this cup. And you will need a lot of skills to win this cup. This is after all another well-planned and high-level TAP cup but only with different kind of events.

Although the rules are what they are, the points won't be given by random. There are exact rules how to give them and the rules will be told you in advance. Though in some special cases we might give some extra points. We are not so strict in these now. In most of the events, you can use elma 1.1 or 1.2 or belma. But in some events you have to use belma, so we recommend to play with belma's newest version all the time. There is going to be at least one battle event and one lev over 5 minutes so that you need the long rec version (= belma). In all the events, some points are given, but in battle event (and some special events) there won't be given so much points as in 'normal' events. The winner is the one who has most points in the end of the cup. The winner will be given a banana.

You can participate by sending e-mail to appleplacers@gmail.com by the deadline. If you send after the deadline, you will be disqualified. Name your recs as BC4xxyyyyyy.rec where xx is the event number and yyyyyy is your nick. You can send only one rec/result per event. You can send your mail many times if you don't get the reply e-mail (which is sent automatically when you send e-mail to us) to make sure that we got your mail. Note that the reply e-mail is only sent once every 4 days. Your e-mail should look like this:

To: appleplacers@gmail.com
Subject: Banana Cup 4 level xx: time/result nick [team]

As a content text you can write anything you like. 

Attachment: BC4xx.lev and BC4xxyyy.rec (xx=event number, yyy=your nick)

For example: 
To: appleplacers@gmail.com
Subject: Banana Cup 4 level 02: 0:07,355 zebra [TAP]

nice lev :) 

Attachments: BC402.lev and BC402zeb.rec
After the deadline we try to upload the results as soon as possible. If two or more players get the same time, they will all get equal points which are e.g. (75+70) / 2 = 72,5. There won't be any team or nationality standings.

Banana Cup was originally my (zebra's) idea. And I planned to organize it by myself but then the other TAP members got interested too so we decided to arrange it together, like all the other cups have been arranged. The idea has been developing over years. Some years ago I asked if Sathy and psy were planning to arrange another Kahvi Cup, but they didn't have enough interest in doing that. But I thought about an idea to arrange my own kind of cup and here it is now, Banana Cup 4. So, why 4? So that we could arrange prequels :)

For more information, check mopolauta thread and our irc channel #bananacup in IRCnet (results are pasted there after each deadline).


BoneLESS took the victory of the last event and wins the whole cup as well, congratulations!!!! A banana will be sent to him. Thanks to ALL who played and continued playing until the end. The cup was a real marathon; it lasted for 22 weeks totally. But we hope you enjoyed. See you!

Last event going! BoneLESS in the lead.

BoneLESS showed his pipe skills and took the victory with amazing rec from Kopaka who had great rec and great style too but in different level. The levels seemed to be after all quite equally long, which was a success.

ciph [EM] came and won the 17th event, congratulations! I think other recs weren't so much slower than ciph's rec that the speed difference would show but that's life.

Congratulations to Binder [KFC] who took the first victory! Seems that Ramone's time was too good for everybody, but it doesn't matter. Next event up, now you have to be fast!

BoneLESS took victory now. weetya took 65 points 4th time in a row!

Kopaka continues to impress us and takes his 4th consecutive victory!

Kopaka made a nice hat-trick and took the lead in total standings!

First finish event and level up! Kopaka won the 12th event overwhelmingly.

Kopaka won the 11th event with a sick stunt rec! Check below.

Battle event was held in belma and it was a success! Thanks all who played. New lev up.

Little more time to play the newest event. It's pipe level :O

If someone is interested in the formula/function which calculated the points in BC408, it's here.

The usual stuff: next event up, previous event results up.

7th lev up. 6th event was mastered by Astral, Leeland and KD, congratulations to all of you! Astral still holding the 1st position in total standings. I moved the recpacks to up.k10x.net because they were taking too much quota.

Congratulations BoneLESS for getting the most points in level 5! Now in event 6 you have to be as slow as possible.

Everybody was getting the error 404 (file not found) when trying to download level 404 so we cancelled the event. The new event 5 is up. Read rules below.

BoneLESS won the 3rd event! But astral is still in the lead. Level BC404 up.

I changed the pointing system in the 3rd event to get more dispersion to the points. See below. That's now the final system I hope. This change wasn't intentional.

2nd event over. Congratulations to Astral on winning the 2nd event! New level up, read rules below.

1st event over. No-one sent in. We now realized that we totally forgot to advertise this cup so no-one even knew it existed! We will fix the problem now so maybe we will get more participants in the second event. The second event is also much easier (actually VERY easy) so everyone should be able to finish it. The deadline will be on Monday 9th of February 2009 at 20.00 EET (eastern europe time). Check the special rules below. We also founded an irc channel for people who are interested: #bananacup4.

Banana Cup 4 starts. Download the first event below and enjoy! The deadline will be on next monday, the 2nd of February 2009.


Event 1

Rules: In this very first event the 10th time in your top 10 will matter. That's why you have to save all your recs and send them all to us when you send your e-mail.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Monday 2.2.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC401.lev
Winner: no winner (nobody participated)
Winning rec: no winning rec
Results: BC401.txt

Event 2

Rules: In this event we will measure your time with elmatim0r (see download link below) with 0.001 accuracy. This is because the level is very easy and probably there will be many players inside same second, maybe even in same hundredth. So we need some extra accuracy to tell the winner. Your time in the level doesn't matter at all, only the time which elmatim0r tells. This means that you should save your rec each time you get a time which equals your best time and check it with elmatim0r if it's really better. When using elmatim0r, check the '3 digits' checkbox to see the exact time. In this event points will be given like in normal cup (100 for winner, 85 for 2nd, ... , 1 point for 50th player). Good luck everyone to the höyling process.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Monday 9.2.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC402.lev
Winner: Astral
Winning rec: BC402Ast.rec
Results: BC402.txt
Recpack: BC402recs.zip

Event 3

Rules: In this event you have to collect as many apples as you can in one minute (60 seconds). After the minute you can die or do whatever you like, doesn't matter. But don't play there forever; recs over two minutes won't be accepted. The points will be given according to this formula: points = (apples - 8) ^ 2. For example: 14 apples -> (14 - 8) ^ 2 = 36 points. Have fun.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Monday 16.2.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC403.lev
Winner: BoneLESS [HHIT]
Winning rec: BC403Bone.rec
Results: BC403.txt
Recpack: BC403recs.zip

Event 4

Rules: In this event you can use nitropatch.
Designer: zebra
Try to download the level: BC404.lev
Winning rec:

Event 5

Rules: In this event the fastest time wont be given most points. The points will be given like explained here: BC405points.txt. Also you have to finish the level and your time has to be under 4 minutes. Nitropatch is not allowed :) Good luck.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Monday 23.2.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC405.lev
Winner: Xiphias / BoneLESS
Winning rec: BC405Xiph.rec / BC405Bone.rec
Results: BC405.txt
Recpack: BC405recs.zip

Event 6

Rules: In this event you have to finish the level as slowly as possible. Note that you have to finish the level (this is not a survivor event). You don't have to send the level file, rec is enough. All times above 4 minutes will be counted as 4 minutes. This means that you don't have to hang there forever (in case you find a place to hang :)). Points will be given like in normal cup event.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Monday 2.3.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC406.lev
Winner: KD [mEkK] / Leeland / Astral
Winning rec: BC406kd.rec / BC406Lee.rec / BC406Ast.rec
Results: BC406.txt
Recpack: BC406recs.zip

Event 7

Rules: In this event you have to finish the level as close to 2 minutes as possible. This means that for example times 1:59:40 and 2:00:60 are equally good because they are both 0,60 secs from the ideal time (2:00:00). Again you might have full top 10 of better times so you don't have to send the level. Only the rec is needed, and we are going to use elmatim0r to check the times. I guess 0.01 accuracy is enough here. Points will be given like in normal cup event. Have fun!
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Monday 9.3.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC407.lev
Winner: Bosky / FinMan [NK] / GRob [NGT] / Jalli [ICE] / KD [mEkK] / Lukazz [EF]
Winning rec: see them in the zip
Results: BC407.txt
Recpack: BC407recs.zip

Event 8

Rules: In this event you have to play Warm Up (yes, the internal level number one). You have to finish the level and your time has to be between 10 and 20 seconds. We will use this program when we are analyzing your recs and giving points. The program will see every single detail of your drive and examine your driving pixel by pixel. You can't fool the program with any kind of 'cool' movements or bounces here or there - it will see through your fingers to the very bottom of your kuski's helmet. Only a drive with unconditional love will receive high points. Of course the level is not needed to send either in this lev so a rec is enough. Good luck.
Designer: Balazs
Deadline: Monday 16.3.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: You already have it!
Winner: KD [mEkK]
Winning rec: BC408KD.rec
Results: BC408.txt
Recpack: BC408recs.zip

Event 9

Rules: This is a pipe level, and it's quite normal event except that there are some bonus pipes which will give you extra points. Points will be given like in normal cup event according to your finishing time or apple amount. The extra points will be added to those points. You can't get same extra points twice by going through same pipe twice. You don't have to finish the lev, but if you die in a bonus pipe the extra points from that pipe will not be given. You don't have to send the lev file.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Wednesday 25.3.2009 at 20.00 EET
Download level: BC409.lev
Winner: Jalli [ICE]
Winning rec: BC409Jalli.rec
Results: BC409.txt
Recpack: BC409recs.zip

Event 10

Rules: This event will be played in belma as normal battle. Points will be given as follows: worst player gets 1 point, 2nd worst 2 points and so on.
Designer: Jappe2
Starts: Wednesday 25.3.2009 at 21.00 EET
Deadline: Wednesday 25.3.2009 at 21.45 EET
Download level: BC410.lev
Winner: FinMan [NK]
Winning rec: BC410_844Fin.rec (also Jappe2's style here)
Results: BC410.txt

Event 11

Rules: In this event you have to make stunts. You have one minute time to go around the level. The stunts will be given points according to these rules. You can't finish the level. After the one minute you can just die as you wish. We will probably give some extra points from dying style. Let's say you have around 10 seconds time to die after the one minute (no points from tricks after that). If you die earlier, it's ok but then you have probably gathered less stunt points. We will decide how much points you will get from your rec so in the mail you don't have to tell your time or anything, just give the rec file.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Thursday 2.4.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC411.lev
Winner: Kopaka [LAME]
Winning rec: bc411kop.rec
Results: BC411.txt
Recpack: BC411recs.zip

Event 12

Rules: In this event only your total time counts. The level has two flowers. You have to finish to both of them and send two recs, named like BC412Azeb.rec and BC412Bzeb.rec. A is for left flower and B is for right flower. Your total time is simply A + B and it's the only one which counts. Lev not needed to send. Points will be given like in normal cup event (this is quite normal event compared to earlier ones :)). Good luck in the höyling process! There is little more playing time also because of the easter.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Tuesday 14.4.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC412.lev
Winner: Kopaka [LAME]
Winning rec: bc412AKop.rec and bc412BKop.rec
Results: BC412.txt
Recpack: BC412recs.zip

Event 13

Rules: This is a first-finish-event. The one who finishes the level first and sends his rec will get 100 points. The second one will get 85 points and so on. If you don't finish, send the rec before deadline and we will count the apples you got. Your time has to be under 60 minutes and you HAVE TO use belma (which has rec limit 60 minutes, 5 minutes is not enough here :)).
Designer: zebra
Starts: Tuesday 14.4.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Deadline: Monday 20.4.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC413.lev
Winner: Kopaka [LAME]
Winning rec: (see recs in the recpack)
Results: BC413.txt
Recpack: BC413recs.zip

Event 14

Rules: In this event you can play with multiplayer. Multiplayer times will be multiplied by 2. So for example finishing in 22 seconds in multiplayer equals finishing in 44 seconds in single player. Elma online (the multiplayer version) is allowed. If you play multi, only the other player has to send the result and the time will be added to both players.
Designer: umiz
Deadline: Monday 27.4.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC414.lev
Winner: Kopaka [LAME]
Winning rec: bc414kop.rec
Results: BC414.txt
Recpack: BC414recs.zip

Event 15

Rules: In this event your final time will be (finishing time in seconds) + (mail sending time in days). This means that if you send time 52,24 after 2 days, your time will be 54,24. So you should send in your time when you think you can't anymore improve it more than one second on the next day :) There will be 'soft deadline' every day at 20:00 EEST. So if you send in before tomorrow (tuesday) at 20:00, you won't get any 'penalty'. Sending before wednesday 20:00 will give you +1 sec and so on. Final deadline is (exceptionally) on Saturday. Points will be given normally. Good luck.
Designer: jonsta
Deadline: Saturday 2.5.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC415.lev
Winner: BoneLESS [HHIT]
Winning rec: BC415Bone.rec
Results: BC415.txt
Recpack: BC415recs.zip

Event 16

Rules: In this event is like event 7 was. You have to get as close to a time as possible. But this time the exact time is not given, but it's driven by Ramone [TAP]. We can give hints that he drove it like 3-4 hours and the time he got is pretty good actually but not impossible to beat. He didn't slow down or anything so it's pretty ok time. Good luck in guessing the right time and to the höyling process. Deadline on wednesday.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Wednesday 6.5.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC416.lev
Winner: Binder [KFC]
Winning rec: BC416Binder.rec (Ramone's rec: BC416Ram.rec)
Results: BC416.txt
Recpack: BC416recs.zip

Event 17

Rules: In this event the player with highest speed wins. We will check your rec's top speed with Smibu's Replay Manager. You can check your rec's top speed too with it, just check the 'Calculate top speed' checkbox and select your replay. The player with highest speed will get 100 points and so on. Please limit your replay under 5 minutes. Remember that bugbounces (and other cheating too) are forbidden especially in this event :)
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Wednesday 13.5.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC417.lev
Winner: ciph [EM]
Winning rec: bc417cip.rec
Results: BC417.txt
Recpack: BC417recs.zip

Event 18

Rules: In this event you can choose between three different levels which level to play. The results are combined so that it doesn't matter which level you play. But you can play (send in) only one level. Levels are designed so that they should be quite equal in length. In other words, better time will always win, no matter in which level it is played. You have little more time to play now because i'm on holiday next week. You will also get more points from this level (and the rest levels): points will be given according to this file: doublepoints.txt.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Monday 25.5.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download levels: BC418levs.zip
Winner: BoneLESS [HHIT]
Winning rec: BC418Bone.rec
Results: BC418.txt
Recpack: BC418recs.zip

Event 19

Rules: In this level the only extra rule is that turning the bike will add 3 seconds to your time (pushing space). So you better think hard when to turn your bike and when not. Points will be given according to this file: doublepoints.txt.
Designer: Ramone
Deadline: Monday 1.6.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: BC419.lev
Winner: BoneLESS [HHIT]
Winning rec:BC419Bone.rec
Results: BC419.txt
Recpack: BC419recs.zip

Event 20

Rules: This event is the last event. That's why the system is little different here: the level isn't public. You have to send me an e-mail and ask for the level. Asking will cost you 100 points and is (of course) mandatory if you are going to participate. Don't share the level to others! There are no extra rules in the event. That means that the best time wins. The reason why you should participate now is that the winner will get 500 points! The 100 points you will lose is nothing compared to that. Check points here: lasteventpoints.txt. The list of players who have asked the lev (are participating) will be updated here. If you don't 'ask' for the level and get it from someone else and participate, you will be disqualified. You should ask the level as soon as you decide to participate. Let's say that the deadline for asking the level is next monday. You have 3 weeks time to play. Good luck.
Designer: zebra
Deadline: Monday 22.6.2009 at 20.00 EEST
Download level: Not here! Ask it from me: appleplacers@gmail.com; edit: here now: BC420.lev
Players: Api, Binder, Bludek, BoneLESS, dorT, Fugas, gimp, Jalli, Kopaka, Lukazz, Marky Mark, Pab, Pawq, twipley, weetya, welle
Winner: BoneLESS [HHIT]
Winning rec:bc420Bone.rec
Results: BC420.txt
Recpack: BC420recs.zip

Total standings



Mergestats program (merges stat -files) (newest version 1.8)
elmatim0r 1.1 (you'll need this in event 2)
belma (you'll need it in some events)
Nitro patch (you may need it in some events)
Banana Cup Points Calculator (will be needed in event 8)

Harri Luoma v.2009. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi