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OYLP levels


24.9.2009 at 22.20 EEST
One year has passed an it's time to publish the final table. 4 ppl sent times but only Red [AC] took new wrs. He also has the best total time (28:39,75) and most wrs (11) so he's undoubtedly the winner! Congratulations!

Here is the rec pack: OYLP_recs.zip

Hopefully someone is going to make a video of them, there are many excellent recs (i don't have time right now but i might try later). I'll tell here if someone makes a video. But now, thanks to all who played!

16.9.2009 at 22.20 EEST
18th table up. ap sent one new wr, quite big improvement there! Now there is only one week time left to play. Use it wisely (höyl hard) and remember to send before 23.9.2009 at 24:00 EEST.

25.8.2009 at 22.20 EEST
17th table up. BoneLESS sent his times and took 2 new wrs. Nice improvement especially in OYLP30. Total time went under 28 minutes. Under one month left to deadline (which is 23 september).

17.8.2009 at 21.20 EEST
16th table up. Four new wrs by Xiphias [NK].

10.8.2009 at 21.20 EEST
15th table up. Two new wrs by Xiphias and ap.

9.7.2009 at 22.20 EEST
14th table up. dorT [DS] finally finished all the levels and improved some of his times. No new wrs.

26.3.2009 at 19.20 EET
13th table up. dorT [DS] sent new times. Now new wrs this time.

15.1.2009 at 20.20 EET
12th table up. Red [AC] took 3 new wrs. Also Binder sent his times.

18.12.2008 at 23.20 EET
11th table up. Red [AC] did amazing TT drop and broke the 29 mins limit! Congratulations! Red took also 3 new wrs. It's Christmas time now so I won't be updating the table in couple of weeks.

4.12.2008 at 20.40 EET
10th table up. One new wr by Red [AC]. Yes, again (not a copy paste error).

27.11.2008 at 20.30 EET
9th table up. One new wr by Red [AC]. With completely different style than the previous wrs, by the way :)

20.11.2008 at 22.45 EET
8th table up. Not much to update; only 3 new wrs by Thunder, Zox and Zox.

13.11.2008 at 22.45 EET
7th table up. New wrs from Red and Zox.

6.11.2008 at 22.30 EET
6th table up. Only one new WR by Xiphias. It's great though.

30.10.2008 at 22.30 EET
5th table up. 8 new wrs and quite big improvements in some levels.

23.10.2008 at 21.30 EEST
4th table up. Lukazz took OYLP29 wr, congratulations! Also several other ppl took several other wrs, check the table. Combined total time under 29 minutes.

16.10.2008 at 20.30 EEST
3nd table up. Lukazz has now the best total time. He also took couple of very nice wrs, congratulations! It's nice to see that many levels the best style is different than it was in 2nd table last week. welle took the OYLP29 WR now. Some other wrs were taken too, congratulations to all of you.

9.10.2008 at 21.00 EEST
2nd table up. We got already 3 ppl with tt. And the best of those 3 is talli with amazing total time which is already under 30 minutes! Congratulations. Also battle between lukazz and welle continues in OYLP29. This time Lukazz was faster.

2.10.2008 at 20.45 EEST
First table is up and even though we don't have many wrs yet, there are already some good ones.

23.9.2008 at 0.00 EEST
OYLP levels published. You have now one year time left to höyl. This means that the deadline for sending in your times is 23.9.2009 at 0.00 EEST. Good luck :) We don't have yet any best times tables but they will be available here when I receive the first recs from you. Read below how to send in your recs. If you have sent times for playing/pipo/uni levels, then you already know the system.

Best times

HtmlTxtCombined total timeLeaderDate
Table 1Table 16 levels finishedLukazz [EF]2.10.2008
Table 2Table 229:51,13talli [EPO]9.10.2008
Table 3Table 329:12,11Lukazz [EF]16.10.2008
Table 4Table 428:52,67Lukazz [EF]23.10.2008
Table 5Table 528:26,06Lukazz [EF]30.10.2008
Table 6Table 628:23,23Lukazz [EF]6.11.2008
Table 7Table 728:15,75Lukazz [EF]13.11.2008
Table 8Table 828:14,73Lukazz [EF]20.11.2008
Table 9Table 928:11,12Lukazz [EF]27.11.2008
Table 10Table 1028:10,52Lukazz [EF]4.12.2008
Table 11Table 1128:09,55Red [AC]18.12.2008
Table 12Table 1228:08,58Red [AC]15.1.2009
Table 13Table 1328:08,58Red [AC]26.3.2009
Table 14Table 1428:08,58Red [AC]9.7.2009
Table 15Table 1528:07,70Red [AC]10.8.2009
Table 16Table 1628:01,85Red [AC]17.8.2009
Table 17Table 1727:54,79Red [AC]25.8.2009
Table 18Table 1827:49,94Red [AC]16.9.2009
Final tableFinal table27:44,29Red [AC]24.9.2009

Minute limit breakers

Time limitBreakerTable no.Date
4:33:00,00Lukazz [EF]Table 12.10.2008
0:30:00,00talli [EPO]Table 29.10.2008
0:29:00,00Red [AC]Table 1118.12.2008


OYLP (One Year Level Pack) is a level pack made by team TAP (zebra, Jappe2, Ramone, jonsta, umiz). In this level pack, you are given one year time to play the levels. After one year, all the WR recs will be published, and the best times table will no longer be updated. There will be some kind of prizes for both the 3 best players with best total time and the 3 best players with most WRs. We haven't decided the prizes yet but it's probable that they will get some kind of diploma. The best times table will be updated weekly or monthly depending on the player activity. The last update will occur on the 23th of September 2009.

The level pack contains totally 30 high quality levels. There are levels from all the TAP members. There are more levels from more active members, like Ramone and me (zebra) and less levels from others. The level difficulty varies a lot and there should be a level for everyone :)

Name your recs as OYLPxxyy.rec, where xx is the number of the level and yy is two first letters from your nick. For example OYLP05ze.rec or OYLP23ze.rec. Long rec names and belma are allowed but bugs are not. Although this level pack has limited playing time, it's like a level pack, not a cup; this means that you can send your times multiple times instead of sending only once in the end.

Sending e-mail

Unfortunately we don't have here any automatic system, but I think we will manage with oldschool e-mail system if we use levstats and mergestats -programs. When sending your times, you have to send a levstats -file containing your times! Don't send .lev files, only the levstats file and .rec files are enough. Send your recs to zebra@mbnet.fi. If you don't want to send all your rec files (they can be big files) check (manually or with mergestats) in which levels you have best times. In other words, you don't have to send your recs in levels where you don't have best times (world records). Though if some time seems suspicious (like 0.01 from current WR), I might ask you for a replay. You can do the required levstats file with with levstats -program (see below) or with elma 1.2. Any kind of bugs or playing with nitro patch isn't allowed. It would be easier for me if you renamed your stat file to levstats_xxx where xxx is your nick. And you can zip all or any of the files you send. Also tell in your mail your nick, team and nick in stats file.

An example mail:

To: zebra@mbnet.fi
Subject: OYLP
Nick: jonsta
Team: TAP
Nick in stat file: jonsterion
Attachments: levstats_jonsta.txt, jonstas_oylp_recs.zip

If something is still unclear, ask me (zebra@mbnet.fi) or zebraTAP in IRCnet. And if you find something wrong in this page, please give feedback. You can also upload the levstats and recs to me in irc or in mopolauta if you find that easier.

We hope you like the levels :)


OYLP_levels.zipOYLP levels 1-30 (all)
OYLP_recs.zipThe best recs
mergestats17.zipI make the stats with this program
Levstats.zipMake your levstats.txt -file with this

Harri Luoma v.2007. E-mail: zebra@mbnet.fi