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Eh... not much updating here... But now I added some links to the left list, mopobattles/battles/mastercup. Please check them (though mastercup is already over).

Site Online!!!!!!!!

My music -page is now ready. There are now 41 pieces. Please listen to them and give feedback to me. I also did the stuff -page and added some links to it. Maybe there will be more stuff some day... Now there is nothing more than links and e-mail me -section. So, my pages seem to be ready now! That short making time (3 days) can be explained by that fact that I had done for example my music -page already to my finnish pages and now I just had to copy it to this page.

I did the Elasto Mania section. There are now totally 80 levels to play. All of them are ready to be downloaded. I have driven a base time to every one of them, and they are just waiting to be beaten. I also did the other games -page. Currently it includes only Colin McRae Rally 2 times.

I started to do these english homepages. I have been doing my finnish homepage for a couple of weeks, but now I will give time to this page. First of all I designed the zebra-image at the top of the page. Then I tried to find appropriate colours for the page. After that I made the links at the left side of the page and did all the other designs. Now only the content is missing... I tested this page with different resolutions. This page is best wiewed in 1024 x 768 or 1152 x 864.

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